Focus Areas

A community requires certain elements to survive and thrive like water, energy, food and transportation. Since these elements are so vital to our communities, we want to find ways to conserve and optimize them. For the Sustainability Plan, we’ve identified eight such elements we’re calling “Focus Areas” that we will assess current conditions of and then create actionable strategies to manage these elements so they provide the most benefit to the community.

San Antonio’s Focus Areas include:


The Energy Focus Area encompasses all direct components of energy generation and distribution, efficiency, renewable energy, demand response, and green prower purchasing.

Food System

The Food System Focus Area includes the production, processing, distribution, and consumption components of the food cycle.  Disposal is covered in Solid Waste Resources.

Green Buildings & Infrastructure

The Green Buildings & Infrastructure Focus Area seeks to incorporate more sustainable practices within the physical structures of the city's built environment, specifically buildings, water and sewer lines, stormwater systems, wastewater treatment facilities, and other infrastructure.

Land Use & Transportation

The Land Use & Transportation Focus Area focuses on sustainable land use patterns and modes of transportation and an improved infrastructure, including smart, mixed-use, and transit-oriented development practices and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, alternative fuels, transit options, and complete streets.

Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Focus Area emphasizes the value and quality of exisiting natural resources, including air, surface and ground water, tree canopy, open space, and biodiversity from an ecosystem standpoint.

Public Health

The Public Health Focus Area includes overall public health and well-being conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and general physical activity and wellness.

Solid Waste Resources

The Solid Waste Resources Focus Area assesses the solid waste cycle and current facilities to promote approaches that reduce the negative impact on the environment and public health.

City-protected lands through the Recharge Zone of the Edwards Aquifer (photo courtesy of the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program)

Síclovía attendees have the benefit of turning major city streets into a safe place for people to exercise and play twice a year (photo courtesy of SA Bikes)