The Sustainability Plan

A sustainable San Antonio has a thriving economy, a healthy environment, and an inclusive and fair community.


The SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan, adopted on August 11, 2016, is a roadmap for enhancing our community’s quality of life and overall resilience while balancing the impact of our expected growth of 1.1 million people by 2040 with existing economic, environmental, and social resources. 

The SA Tomorrow Sustainability plan was developed from an evaluation of and building upon  past plans, such as Mission Verde and SA2020, as well as through extensive engagement with the public, an expert steering committee, subject matter experts, key members of City leadership, and the SA Tomorrow comprehensive and transportation planning teams, along with best practice research from around the country.

Working with the public and community stakeholders, a sustainable San Antonio was defined as a community that has a thriving economy, a healthy environment, and is inclusive and fair. To meet this definition of sustainability, the planning process was designed to create the roadmap that:

  • Utilized an inclusive and technically robust process that was grounded in the three pillars of sustainability- social, economic, and environmental
  • Addressed issues and opportunities related to air quality, the built environment, the economy, energy, food, health, natural resources, solid waste, transportation, and water
  • Engaged a broad range of San Antonioans to provide their concerns and offer ideas on how San Antonio can improve
  • Developed goals, strategies, and metrics of success that will be tracked and reported on an annual basis


Read the adopted SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan here.


Alamo 2 Solar Farm (photo courtesy of CPS Energy)

Join the movement, (photo courtesy of Solid Waste Management Department)

Picture your World by Christian Coffman Courtesy of Green Space Alliance